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Codey Bearden



Here in the Tiny Kitchen we are proud to announce a BIG project-

Codey had the pleasure of working with poet Alicia Cook on her new book "I Hope My Voice Doesn't Skip!!" See him featured HERE with Arrie Bozeman in the first release "I'll Take It"!

Pre order your copy today on Alicia's Website or click HERE to pre-order from Amazon today!



     Raised tapping on the dashboard of a red Jeep Cherokee in a town of just 500 people, Codey sees the world a little differently than most. His childhood home was two miles down Tom Jones Road in Kingston, Georgia, the first house on the left. This isolation shaped much of the sound and perspective that makes his songs unique. His music is inspired by stories of love and loss. With Codey's soulful, growly vocals and rhythmic drive of his guitar, his songs unveil a form of Farm Raised Rock that’s yet to be defined.

     From living on a farm to moving to the city of Atlanta, he makes the listener feel the sadness, the joy, and the fleeting moments that make life so amazing. He’s spent the last decade traveling across the country sharing his songs and stories, bunking with friends and fans along the way. Never once has he needed a motel. From performing atop the Daytona Beach Pier to your local dive, Codey's goal is to make the audience walk away with a fire for life!

      “I have the closest job to time travel we have right now and I love it!! If I’m doing my job right, I can take you to your first kiss, your last loss, or anywhere in between!! If I make you remember that feeling, that elusive feeling and just bathe in it, I’m on top of the world. Thank you for always pushing me towards that and showing me magic is as real as it gets!!” 

     Codey's band, Codey Bearden's Tiny Kitchen, released their self-titled album in August of last year, as well as an epic music video on Halloween featuring their favorite local circus performers.



Codey Bearden's Tiny Kitchen

by Codey Bearden